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Revel Voice Center Speaker

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Revel Voice Center Speaker

The role of the center channel loudspeaker is to provide the acoustical “anchor” to the onscreen dialog, music, and sound effects, and to match the sound quality of the left and right front loudspeakers. Seems simple enough, until you consider that home theater systems vary widely in where and how the center channel speaker is physically placed. Front projection systems might have the center speaker placed below or even behind the screen, while other installations might find the center speaker flush-mounted in the wall or placed above the video monitor. As each different placement option affects the resulting sound quality, obtaining a correct acoustical match with the left and right front speakers in every instance becomes difficult, if not impossible. Unless the three front
speakers have very similar tonal balances, achieving a smooth, accurate and even blend across the entire front soundstage just isn’t achievable.

The Voice is the first center channel speaker designed specifically to address this problem. Featuring two 8-inch inverted dome woofers and one 4-inch inverted dome midrange, along with a 1.1-inch dome tweeter, the Voice provides a uniform, timbre-matched dispersion that covers a wide audience listening area. Three different boundary compensation adjustments are provided to allow correct timbral balance for virtually any placement possibility. With the Voice, the correct tonal balance between all three front speakers can be evenly matched in any home theater setup, resulting in dramatically improved soundstaging and imaging accuracy. As with all Ultima range speakers, these proprietary drivers are specially designed for incredible dynamic range capability, preventing dynamic compression from altering the timbral balance during musical crescendo peaks and explosive movie soundtracks.
87dB SPL, with 2.83V rms @ 1m
(4 pi anechoic)
Impedance: 6Ω (nominal), 4Ω (minimum)
@ –12˚ phase angle
Maximum phase angle = 28˚ @ 892Hz
Minimum phase angle = –35˚ @ 3kHz
Filters (crossover): 3-way, 24dB per octave, (4th order) acoustic
response at 300Hz and 2.2kHz
Frequency responses: In-room response;
±1.0dB from 110Hz to 8kHz
In-room response relative to
target response;
±0.75dB from 70Hz to 20kHz
First reflections response;
±1.0dB from 110Hz to 6.5kHz
Listening window response;
± 1.5dB from 100Hz to 8kHz
Low-frequency extension;
–10dB @ 43Hz
–3dB @ 67Hz
Dimensions: With pedestal (optional)
width: 29.5" (74.6cm)
(includes pedestal/feet)
height: 27.81" (71cm)
depth: 10.937" (27.8cm)
Spikes add .875" (2.2cm) to
Without pedestal
width: 29.5" (74.6cm)
(includes feet)
height: 12.5" (31.3cm)
(includes feet)
depth: 12.375" (31.9cm)
(includes grille)
Weight: With pedestal
138lb (33kg) net (without packing)
Without pedestal
73lb (00kg) net (without packing)
Specifications are subject to change

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    Revel Voice Center Speaker with original box and package
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