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Balanced Audio Technology VKD5 Zoom

Balanced Audio Technology VKD5

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Missing remote (temporary?)
BRAND NEW LASER just installed for you. Wonderful sounding player.

Description: CD player with tubed output section using six 6922 tubes. Analog outputs: XLR and RCA. Digital output: BNC, 75 ohms. Output voltage: 2V (each phase). S/N ratio: 100dB. HDCD$r compatible. Power consumption: 150VA maximum.
Dimensions: 19" W by 5.75" H by 15.5" D. Weight: 30 lbs net.

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    Brand NEW LASER! Product Type: Front-loading, vacuum tube, 20-bit, CD player with HDCD decoding Manufacturer Balanced Audio Technology Inc. 26 Beethoven Drive Wilmington DE 19807 Tel: (302) 999-8855; Fax: (302) 999-8818 e-mail: info@balanced.com Web: www/balanced.com Price: $4500 Warranty: 5 Years Dimensions: 19" W x 5.75" H x 15.5" D Weight: 30 lbs. Number of Years In Business: 4 Number of Dealers: 57 (U.S.) Features 6-tube Unistage™ design; Fully HDCD™ compatible; No buffers/followers or op-amps in signal path; Flying differential current to voltage conversion; Fully balanced in digital and analog domains; Digital output via 75-ohm BNC connector Supplied Accessories Tubes, remote control, batteries for remote, power cord, Manufacturer's Specifications Digital Filtering: e.g., 128-x oversampling filter D/A Conversion: e.g., dual 18 bit, differential 20 bit, bitstream Output Level: 4V balanced output; 2V single-ended Output Impedance: 1 k ohms Channel Separation: 90 dB Fi Components In A Nutshell • Frequency Response: Excellent • Timbre: Excellent • Large-Scale Dynamics: Excellent to Outstanding • Small-Scale Dynamics: Excellent • Tempo: Excellent • Clarity: Excellent • Imaging: Excellent • Soundstaging: Outstanding • Build Quality: Excellent to Outstanding • Overall: Excellent to Outstanding • Value: Excellent • Musical Fare: Marvelous on all types of music Associated Equipment:
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