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California Audio Labs CL-25 DVD Player Zoom

California Audio Labs CL-25 DVD Player

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SKU: California Audio Labs CL-25 DVD
Makes a great CD Transport
The CL-25 is the same size and identical in appearance to the CL-20. It is a rather tall box for a DVD player. The extra height is needed to clear a copper-sheet bridge/shield that goes over the top of the transport and main digital circuit board, which also contains the analog output stage. This large board is CAL’s own design and contains the DACs, Pacific Microsonics HDCD filter and a sophisticated analog output stage designed for high-quality sound. This large circuit board mounts on top of the copper bridge/shield, separating it from the digital circuitry and the transport as effectively as if this board had been installed in an external DAC.

the basic engine of the two CAL players is manufactured by Matsushita and appears inside DVD players by Panasonic, Denon and others. Of course, in those applications, you get DAC boards and analog output stages on circuit boards the size of a few postage stamps. CAL’s DAC/analog board is very large and fully up to high-end parts quality and design standards. The DVD transport itself has a single laser. You can play single- and double-layer DVDs, audio CDs, HDCDs, video CDs, and 24/96 discs from Classic Records and Chesky. You cannot play CD-Rs or CD-RWs.

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    Makes a great CD Transport
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