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  • Goldmund Meta Research Laser 1 Transport with power supply

    Goldmund Meta Research Laser 1 Transport with power supply

    This Goldmund Meta Research Transport used to be one of the best. Still very musical. One owner with clamp and remote. Meta Research was a small Swiss sister company of Goldmund, founded to design and produce high technology digital audio components of the highest sonic quality at reasonable price. The first products were the Meta Laser 1 CD transport and the Meta Convert 1 D/A convertor. The Meta Laser 2 was an improved version of the Laser 1. Both the Meta Laser 1 and 2 were manufactured by Micromega according to Meta Research's specifications, hence the similarities in construction to Micromega's own Classic Line series. The use of metacrylate front and side panels, rounded edges, as well as a special CD clamp, distinguished the Meta Laser 1 and 2 from Micromega's Duo and Trio CD transports. Learn More

  • Goldmund A2 modules (original, new gold)

    Goldmund A2 modules (original, new gold)

    Goldmund A2 modules (original, new gold) I purchased these sequential modules from the former Goldmund distributor they are a NOS (new old stock pair) Learn More



    ONE OWNER Lower cost version of the Goldmund Studio. Optionally fitted with the T5 Tonearm. The Goldmund Studietto is a high quality turntable possessing new technical features which are quite necessary for an accurate tracking of today's records. For exacting technicians, musicians and all those who demand the very best in record transcription, we strongly recommend the use of our analogue servo-driven radial tonearm Goldmund T5. Due to the exceptional quality of it's suspension, the Studietto is less critical than any other design in placement selection. Specifications Drive method: direct drive Speeds: 33 and 45rpm Platter: 7 lbs metacrylate and lead Dimensions: 470 x 435 x 180mm Weight: 14kg Learn More

  • Clearaudio Goldmund

    Clearaudio Goldmund

    best of the best., low hours Learn More

  • Goldmund Mimesis 9

    Goldmund Mimesis 9

    Goldmund Mimesis 9 invery nice condition, shipping dimensions: 25x25x16 180 lbs low fedex rates, send your postal code. Goldmund is a Swiss manufacturer that produced highly sought after high end power amplifiers. The Mimesis 9 is considered to be one of the most legendary solid state power amplifiers that they produced. It originally retailed around $14,000. The Mimesis 9 with it Swiss craftsmanship is a true reference amplifier. The Mimesis 9 has deep bass, forward strong sounding mids and crystal clear highs. By design the output for this amp is transformer coupled for a balanced and defined sonic image Learn More

  • Goldmund Studio ST4

    Goldmund Studio ST4

    One owner. With original tonearm. The ST4 is typically a later version Studio that comes with internally servo controlled arm already mounted from Goldmund. The adjustments are on on the top of the table directly beneath the arm. A second one is also available with a T3 arm and new old stock servo series 7 Learn More

  • Goldmund Mimesis 9.2 mono amplifiers

    Goldmund Mimesis 9.2 mono amplifiers

    Goldmund Mimesis 9.2 275 watts per channel mono block power amplifiers one of the best sounding amplifiers from this qulaity company Learn More

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