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Celestion SL600 with Stands Zoom

Celestion SL600 with Stands

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Celestion SL600 with Stands

The Celestion SL600 is a near-twin to the company's SL6, a speaker whose introduction a couple of years ago aroused considerable favorable comment in the audio world. Although the two speakers use the same two drivers and crossover networks, and although they are almost exactly the same size, the SL600 costs nearly twice as much as the SL6. Why is this? Because the SL600, in design and execution, is truly a "high-technology" loudspeaker system.

For example, the cabinet material is really exotic: an aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure called "Aerolam," which was originally developed for aircraft floors. Aerolam is characterized by very light weight and high stiffness, both desirable characteristics in a loudspeaker cabinet. Such properties work to eliminate the resonances unavoidable in wooden cabinets, resonances that Celestion engineers believed imparted some slight coloration to the sound of the SL6 (and, for that matter, to any speaker using conventional wooden cabinet constructions).

Aerolam's honeycomb sandwich, like any structural material, does have resonances, but because of its high stiffness-to-weight ratio these occur at much higher frequencies than in a wooden cabinet and are less likely to be excited by the woofer in its frequency range. The inside of the SL600 cabinet is also treated with acoustically absorbent material to damp most of the remaining cabinet-wall resonances, which lie in the range of 1 to 3 kHz.

The driver design is also unique. For one thing, the aluminum tweeter dome is integral with its voice-coil former, eliminating any possible decoupling effects from conventional glue joints and providing efficient conduction of heat from the voice coil. The woofer cone, made of Kobex PVC plastic, is molded with an integral plastic center cap, replacing the usual glued-on dustcap and providing a single point of attachment for the voice-coil former. One benefit of this unconventional driver design is said to be very high power handling ability. The SL600 is rated for use with up to 100 watts of program material and may be used safely with amplifiers rated at 100 watts or even more if reasonable care is exercised in the choice of playback level.

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