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Theta Chroma 396 D/A Zoom

Theta Chroma 396 D/A

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SKU: Theta Chroma 396 d/a
Theta Chroma 396 d/a converter
The Chroma 396 is manufactured byTheta Digital Corporation, and enjoys all the benefits that the Theta processors enjoy. High spec parts quality, good build quality, and most importantly quality sound. So why then is it not badged as a Theta you may ask? Simply, it is not DSP based.

The Chroma utilises an 8 times oversampling rate with 18-bit resolution.
The Chroma looks identical to Theta's Progeny sans the Theta 'wings' badge. Two green LEDs illuminate to confirm power and digital signal lock. On the HDCD equipped unit, the lock light illuminates orange when playing HDCD encoded discs.
An HDCD capable unit was not reviewed, but is available at an additional cost.
A phase switch is provided allowing the listener to choose absolute polarity or inverted polarity, whichever gives the more defined soundstage and improved bass clarity. Experience assists in choosing the correct orientation.

The Chroma is provided with two digital inputs: Toslink plastic optical and the preferred coaxial digital input, which was the only one used during the review period. AT&T glass, and Theta Laser Linque are both available as options, but, the consideration of the additional cost aside, I doubt whether either option would outperform a high quality digital interconnect.
The digital and analogue RCA jacks provided are high quality gold plated units.

Power is supplied via an IEC power plug, and the unit is designed to be continually powered for best sound quality. Although priced in the more competitive market segment, the Chroma offers all the features found on the more expensive Theta processors. No corners have been cut.
Listening to the Chroma, one can enjoy many of the sonic traits that have made Theta processors loved, enjoyed and desired.

Although the Chroma is not a processor based unit, I still think of it as a Theta.
The bass performance gives it all away. Comparably priced units simply don't have bass that is as tight, defined or as textured. The soundstage is also very well defined with dimension, depth and space. The midrange is well bodied with very good balance, warmth and depth.
The all revealing top end is smooth, detailed, and open. One is never alerted to the Chroma's limitations. It suffers very few errors of addition, rather it is limited by its design constraints

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    Theta Chroma 396 d/a
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