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The CDSD Signature Edition transport is, quite clearly, a breakthrough product. After all, it’s the product of Ed Meitner’s pioneering work in the field of jitter reduction and data recovery. He received a patent for this work in 1995: A new clock-recovery scheme that exhibited no sensitivity to input data patterns.Rather than rely on data stream triggered bit-clock recovery, Ed’s revolutionary new circuit derived the clock from the timing of the preambles within the data. Pretty heady stuff. But it laid the groundwork for the development of the proprietary interface we now build into the CDSD SE transport. Which, as is standard convention in professional audio, separates clock and data stream transmission. We use a wide bandwidth ST Glass interface for this purpose because it has two inherent advantages:
It enables galvanic separation between the source and converter.
It comfortably allows cable runs of up to 500 feet without any sonic degradation.
The CDSD also features an external clock input so that it can be driven from the master clock of your EMM Labs converter—eliminating transport and interface-related jitter. The result is unparalleled sonic clarity.
With PCM data from CD, instead of merely transmitting it via optical outputs, the data stream is first upconverted to DSD at a rate of 5.6448MHz via our proprietary MDAT algorithm. This process significantly improves the sound of standard compact discs.
This is a used item that looks like new, comes with original box and remote

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    Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT) signal processing technology Optical output for 6 hires channels AES/EBU output for PCM from CD Optical and BNC clock input for external clocking Active power factor corrected (APFC) power supply CE-compliant device Chassis extensively treated with vibration control material consisting of a highly-damped, low-rebound, rapid-settling polymer composite
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