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Krell S1200U3D Zoom

Krell S1200U3D

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Krell S1200U3D This retailed for $12000, Krell has a new HDR 4K video switcher available 11/19 for $1000 that brings this up to current technology needs. latest software already installed for this.

S-1200 3D / S-1200u 3D
Surround Processor
Coupling legendary Krell preamplifier technology,

Signal to Noise Ratio
"A" Weighted 96 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Unweighted 20 Hz-20 kHz, +0, - 0.5 dB

Analog Audio
(1) Pair Balanced via XLR connectors
(5) Pairs Single-ended via RCA connectors
(1) Discrete 7.1 via RCA connectors
(1) Tape in via RCA connectors
(1) VCR audio in via RCA connectors

Digital Audio
(4) HDMI via HDMI connectors
(4) EIAJ optical via Toslink connectors
(4) Coaxial via RCA connectors

Digital Video
(4) HDMI via HDMI connectors

Analog Video
(3) Component Video via RCA connectors
(4) S-video via DIN connectors
(3) Composite Video via RCA connectors

Analog Audio
(8) Balanced via XLR Connectors
(8) Single-ended via RCA Connectors
(1) Tape out via RCA connectors
(1) VCR audio out via RCA connectors

Digital Audio
(1) EIAJ optical via TosLink connector
(1) Coaxial via RCA connector

Digital Video
(1) HDMI via HDMI connector

Analog Video
(1) Component Video via RCA connectors
(1) S-video via DIN connectors
(1) Composite Video via RCA connector
(1) IR Receiver for Remote Control
(1) RS-232 via DB9 Female Connector Straight Wired
(1) RC-5 via 1/8" stereo "trs" Receptacle
(1) 12vdc Remote Trigger Input via 1/8" Mono receptacle
(4) 12vdc Remote Trigger Outputs via 1/8 Mono receptacles

Digital Decoding Modes
Dolby True HD
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Digital 5.1
Dolby Digital EX
Dolby Pro Logic IIX
DTS Master Audio
DTS High Resolution Audio
DTS 5.1
DTS ES Discrete 6.1
DTS ES Matrix 6.1
DTS Neo:6
PCM 5.1
PCM 7.1
PREAMP (Direct Analog Only)
PREAMP 5.1 (Direct Analog Only)

Surround Enhancement Modes
General Admission
Front Row
On Stage
Enhanced Stereo
Full Range + Sub

RS-232 DB9 pin out
1. Data Carrier Detect
2. Received Data
3. Transmitted Data
4. Data Terminal Ready
5. Signal Ground
6. Data Set Ready
7. Request To Send
8. Clear To Send
RC-5 pin out
Tip = RC-5 data, Ring = +5 V, Sleeve = GND

XLR pin out
Pin 1 (ground) Pin 2 (non-inverting "Hot") Pin 3 (Inverting)

Maximum Input
Balanced 8.2 Vrms
Single Ended 4.1 Vrms

Maximum Output
Balanced 14.6 Vrms
Single Ended 7.3 Vrms

Audio Input Impedance
Balanced 51K Ω
Single Ended 47K Ω

Audio Output Impedance
Balanced 160 Ω
Single Ended 160 Ω

Power Consumption
Stand-by TBA
Operation TBA

Inches (L) 17.15 x (W) 17.25 x (H) 5.65
Centimeters (L) 43.56 x (W) 43.82 x (H) 14.35

18lbs Unit only
8.16kg Unit only
24lbs Shipping Weight
10.89kg Shipping weight

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Product Description


    Krell S1200U3D S-1200 3D / S-1200u 3D Surround Processor Coupling legendary Krell preamplifier technology, state of the art digital processing, latest True HD, DTS Master Audio decoding, and HDMI™ 1.4 compatibility, the S-1200 3D is an ideal centerpiece for any high performance music and home theater system. Based on award-winning preamplifier technology, all eight S-1200 3D analog output stages are built to the same exacting standard and feature balanced and single-ended cable connections. Only Krell designed preamplifier circuitry is employed within every channel utilizing discrete current based Class A, direct coupled circuitry for the greatest signal purity and highest bandwidth. Performance robbing op amps or integrated circuits are not used anywhere in the audio path. Preamp mode bypasses all digital circuitry and routes analog stereo inputs directly to a balanced resistor ladder volume control for ultimate music reproduction. The heart of a Krell surround sound preamp/processors is sound quality. We start with a great sounding preamplifier and then pair that to the latest in surround processing technology. The S-1200 3D includes our finest audio and video engineering plus the latest in HDMI™ 1.4 technology, to insure the ultimate home theater experience for our customers. Borrowing key technologies, the audio signal path is a direct descendant of our Evolution 707 3D Reference Surround preamp/processor. The S-1200 3D also uses the same DSP engine and 1080p video stage from the Evolution 707 3D. Also available without 3D compatibility, the S-1200 and S-1200u presents a purity of sound and video resolution previously unavailable in home theater systems. At the hub of the S-1200 3D digital signal processing is a pair of dual core 32 bit Cirrus CS497004 DSP's performing 1.8 giga operations per second. Digital signals are then routed to 24 bit ESS Sabre DACS. The video content is treated to the same high performance engineering as the audio signals. Maximum color depth has been increased from 24 bits to 48 bits and bandwidth from 165MHz to 340 MHz. Full video transcoding converts composite, S-Video, or component inputs to HDMI™ signals. Furthermore, the S-1200u 3D model includes upconversion to a maximum of 1080p resolution. The S-1200 3D is a true "one connection solution" with on-screen display, configuration menus, and status messages available from all active video outputs including HDMI™. The S-1200u 3D is at the cutting edge of today's technology and Krell is the first company to offer solutions for both reference and high performance home theaters. Like its bigger brother, the Evolution 707 3D, the new S-1200 3D combines peerless audio and video performance with the convenience features required for maximum enjoyment. Finished in classic Krell brushed silver or black anodized Aluminum, the S-1200 3D begs to be seen but can be easily integrated into modern rack mount based systems.
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