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Lexicon DC1 Zoom

Lexicon DC1

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Lexicon DC1 with remote, rebuilt power supply 2/17 (these all go bad eventually)

If you were wondering how a controller could have surround modes, (briefly) here's what they do. Oh, and remember that each one has its own set-up menu with user-adjustable parameters - hours of fun for the whole family!:
1) Panorama: adds spaciousness by extracting the recording's natural ambience
2) Nightclub: generates the appropriate early reflections to suggest intimate spaces
3) Concert Hall: as above, but suggesting a large hall
4) Church: uses a reverb algorithm to make you feel holy
5) Cathedral: as above, but holier
6) Music Logic: provides steering to exploit the extra speakers for surround usage for stereo music material, also steering signals at the front
7) Music Surround (THX): as above, but the front left and right channels receive unprocessed L/R signals
8) TV Matrix: a KK fave, this provides surround effects for mono, stereo and stereo synthesised TV programmes, helpful for cleaning up dialogue
9) Logic 7 (THX): for use with musical material, it provides "maximum separation" and "uses intelligent steering to extract wide bandwidth stereo surround channels"
10) Mono Logic: and I quote, "takes a monaural soundtrack and sends music and sound effects to the sides and rear through a room simulator mode while keeping the dialog (sic) in the center (sic). Don't laugh: it
11) Pro Logic: your proper, familiar Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoding
12) THX Cinema: Dolby Pro Logic with icing
13) Party: provides unprocessed stereo signals to all speakers; amusingly, it gives you some idea of what AC-3 will be like if you've ever wondered what happens when full-bandwidth signals come from the rear speakers
14) Two Channel: good, ol' stereo...

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    former $4500 surround dolby digital, dts processor. very clear sounding
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