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Linn AV 5105 Stereo Power Amplifier sold Zoom

Linn AV 5105 Stereo Power Amplifier sold

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SKU: LinnAv5105
Linn AV 5105 Stereo Power Amplifier, tested 2/22

The Linn AV 5105 Stereo Power Amplifier is intended for use in high performance audio and audio/video systems. It combines high output power, ruggedness, and ease of use with our passion for quality. It draws on years of experience of designing and making high quality audio power amplifiers. Inside the compact case are two completely independent electrically isolated channels with fully regulated power supplies giving ‘dual mono’ performance. The signal path is DC coupled and servo controlled for the lowest distortion, cleanest, least colored sound. The output stage is highly derated for cool, reliable operation, and the protection circuitry protects extensively against accidents or abuse. A signal sensing circuit detects the presence of audio above a very low level and turns on the main power supplies to the amplifier, bringing the power amplifier channel from a very low standby power consumption to full operation. It reverts to the standby condition a few minutes after the input signal disappears. This is particularly useful in multi-channel surround sound systems. The AV 5105 accepts the Linn active crossover modules, automatically detecting their presence and switching them in circuit as soon as they are plugged in. This makes playback system upgrades easy. Type Two fully independent channels, isolated from each other and chassis (earth). Fully regulated dual power supplies per channel. Inputs Dual RCA Phono (Line in/out) Outputs Four pairs per channel Protection Fully protected into any load; overload, over-temperature, full short and overdrive protection Remote control Signal-sensing auto switch-on/off for energy conservation or remote operation Output power 100W/channel/8Ω, 200W/Channel/4Ω Input signal 1.05V rms for maximum output Output voltage 28.3V rms maximum Gain x27 (28.6dB) Input impedance 4700Ω Frequency response (-3dB) 2Hz-50kHz Output offset 150μV rms Mains supply 220V–240V T3.15A antisurge, 100V–120V T6.3A antisurge Standby power consumption

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    Linn AV 5105 Stereo Power Amplifier AV 5105 stereo power amplifier; dual- mono, completely isolated on one chassis Power output: 100 Wpc into 8 ohms, 200 Wpc into 4 ohms Frequency response: 2Hz-50kHz, +0/-3dB Gain: 28.6dB S/N: n/a Input impedance: 4700 ohms Output impedance: n/a Dimensions: 3.12" x 14.86" x 13.85" (HxWxD)
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