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Linn Keltik

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Linn Keltik

The Linn Keltik Aktiv Loudspeaker system is the culmination of many years of experience in driver construction,
cabinet fabrication, and active electronic crossover design.
The Keltik is an active system; each drive unit is powered by a separate amplifier. Rather than using a conventional
internal passive crossover, the Keltik system employs an active electronic crossover located before the power
amplifiers. The Linn Keltik Aktiv Electronic Crossover divides the musical signal into three frequency bands and
corrects phase, amplitude and time alignment to match precisely the characteristics of each individual drive unit
and feeds each frequency band to the appropriate amplifier.
The Keltik may be powered with a minimum of three power amplifiers, one for each frequency band. Additional
performance advantages may be achieved by employing a fourth amplifier to allow each of the Isobarik bass
drivers to be driven independently. For most accurate reproduction we recommend the use of Linn power
amplifiers from LK100 upwards.
The Keltik employs four Linn-designed drive units. The ferro-fluid ceramic tweeter provides exceptionally low
distortion performance even at high signal levels and incorporates an integral airtight enclosure.
The midrange unit features a carbon-loaded cone and strong die cast chassis. This driver is mounted in its own
irregularly shaped (no parallel sides) Ku-Stone loaded
compartment that isolates it from the pressure changes generated by the bass units.
The two bass drivers are used in Linn's patented Isobarik* configuration and employ die cast chassis, stiff
carbon-loaded cones, large diameter aluminum voice coils and magnets that are nearly twice the size of those
employed in Linn's original Isobarik loudspeaker.
The front baffle is machined from Topan and the front surface is sculptured to reduce diffraction effects. The
enclosure is extensively reinforced and veneered inside and out for added strength and stability.
The combination of active electronics, Isobarik bass loading, and Linn's devotion to preserving the integrity of
the musical signal sets the Keltik Aktiv Loudspeaker System apart from the competition and provides a level of
performance never before possible.

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