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Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Renaissance/ BLACK PATH EDITION with Phono Zoom

Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Renaissance/ BLACK PATH EDITION with Phono

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SKU: SL1 Renaissance/ BLACK PATH EDITION with Phono
New Black Path Edition with Black Path Caps - Renaissance Black Path Edition.

It needs a true connoisseur to list all the past versions of the Convergent Audio Technology's SL-1 preamplifier. What is certain is that right from the very first version 25 years ago it has been considered as one of the coolest preamplifiers in the audio land. The SL-1 Renessaince is its latest incarnation.

The SL-1 Renessaince sports an internal switch to set the gain level either to 26dB or 15dB. The LOW gain position is handy when the SL-1 is used with high output sources or high sensitive speakers by moving the volume setting to the area where the dB steps are smaller. It is also little quieter while the HIGH position sounds more dynamic.

Another new feature is Audio/Video pass-through possibility. When the unit is turned off the LINE 1 input will be directly connected to MAIN OUT 2, and the SL-1 can be used in home theatre applications without disconnecting anything. The LINE 2 and MAIN OUT 1 are for two channel purists. The third novelty are the new MC stepup transformers about which a bit later.
Thanks to the new circuit-board layout the Renaissance's bandwidth extends now to 800kHz compared to the previous 600kHz. The harmonic distortion is claimed to be < 0,0005% fot the line stage, and <0,001% for the phono stage; and the noise level 98dBA (high gain), 109dBA (low gain), and 97dBA phono. Output impedance is 100 ohms.

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    Description: Two-channel tube preamplifier. Tube complment: six 6922s and four 12AX7s. Maximum gain at 1kHz: 25.8dB (High, line), 15.2dB (Low, line), 47dB (MM phono), 58dB (MC phono). Gain tracking: 0.05dB (line, phono). Frequency responses: 0.1Hz–800kHz, +0/–3dB (line); 20Hz–20kHz, ±0.1dB (RIAA phono, MC & MM). Harmonic distortion at 1V: <0.0005% (line), <0.001% (phono). Slew rates: 15V/µs (line), 10V/µs (phono). Maximum output at 1kHz: 50V RMS (line, phono). Input overload (at 1kHz): 100V RMS (line), 250mV RMS (MM phono), 70mV RMS (MC phono). S.N Ratio: 98dBA (High, line), 109dBA (Low, line, below 2V output), 97dBA (MM phono, below 10mV input), 107dBA (MC phono). Channel separation: >90dB (line, phono). Input impedance: 50k ohms, 20pF (line); 47.5k ohms, 180pF (phono) (user-adjustable). Output impedance: 100 ohms (line), 50 ohms (phono). Maximum load: <4000pF, >5000 ohms (line); <4000pF, >10,000 ohms (phono). Power requirements: 120V, 60Hz. Dimensions: Preamplifier: 19" (490mm) W by 5.24" (135mm) H by 12.2" (310mm) D. Power supply: 12.2" (310mm) W by 4" (100mm) H by 6" (155mm) D. Weight: 64 lbs (29.1kg) net, 70 lbs (31.8kg) shipping.
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