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Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Legend/ BLACK PATH EDITION with Phono Zoom

Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Legend/ BLACK PATH EDITION with Phono

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SKU: SL1 Legend/ BLACK PATH EDITION with Phono
The SL1 Legend takes this uncompromising approach further than the product with which Ken literally started the company, the SL1 preamp, now in its Renaissance version. The two use essentially the same circuit, but in the case of the Legend that circuit is taken to the extreme -- it's a cost-no-object implementation. On the outside, the two look nearly identical, but there are a couple of notable differences. Chief among these is the use of dual volume controls in the Legend instead of separate volume and balance. Both preamps use stepped volume controls, essentially a set of resistors for each setting, but the Legend's 46-position shunt volume controls are more costly than those used for the standard SL1, whose fewer positions cause issues for some owners, as the perfect volume setting can sometimes lie between two "clicks." Not with the Legend; 46 positions should be enough for even the pickiest listeners.

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    The Legend's optional phono stage uses a special low-gain step-up transformer in conjunction with an initial moving-magnet stage to deliver 58dB of gain. The transformer can be set for an additional 6dB of gain, but this is only recommended for cartridges whose internal impedance is under 10 ohms. Because of its low gain, the transformer's response is much flatter than that of others -- drifting less than 0.02dB from 20Hz to 20kHz. It also features unmeasurable amounts of distortion and a very high 4200-ohm input impedance. Cartridge loading is accomplished with RCA plugs included with the preamp. Like earlier SL1 models, the Legend is fully single ended. There is no multi-pole input selector. Instead, there are high-grade toggle switches to choose among the four inputs (two line, one phono or line, and one tape) because Ken thinks the switches sound better. The Legend has the same tubes in its line and phono stages: a matched pair of 6922s, a single 6922, and a matched pair of 12AX7s. As with previous CAT preamps, the Legend's line stage provides a lot of gain -- 26dB -- but unlike with its predecessors, gain is adjustable via a switch inside the control unit, which reduces it to 15dB. The SL1 Legend arrives set for 26dB of gain. If you hear hiss through your speakers, reducing the gain should do away with it.
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