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PS Audio Power Plant Premier Regenerator in silver Zoom

PS Audio Power Plant Premier Regenerator in silver

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SKU: PSPowerPlantPremier
The Power Plant Premier takes “dirty” and variable AC power from the wall socket, converts it to DC voltage, and then regenerates a new AC sine wave signal at 120 volts. It also serves as a surge protector and all-around power distribution system

3 available in silver as of 9/21

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    AC regenerator. Nominal input voltage: 105–135VA US, 215–245VAC Europe/Asia. Maximum continuous load: 1200VA US, 1500VA Europe/Asia. Dynamic power delivery: 0.5s, >3600VA US, 5000VA Europe/Asia. Voltage regulation: ±0.5V US, 1VAC Europe/Asia. Output distortion, input 220–240VAC: 1200VA resistive load <0.9%. Output distortion, 230V: 240VAC, 1200VA reactive load <0.9%. Output distortion, input 110–130VAC: 1200VA resistive load, <0.5%. Output distortion, input 110–130VAC: 1200VA reactive load, <0.5%. Output impedance: <0.015 ohm. Noise reduction (all zones): 100kHz–2MHz, >80dB. Efficiency at 1200VA: resistive load, >80%; reactive load, >85%. Input frequency: 45–65Hz. Undervoltage limit: 90VAC US, 175VAC Europe/Asia. Overvoltage limit: 145VAC US, 275VAC Europe/Asia. Protection modes: L-N, L-G, N-G. Energy dissipation: 2160J US, 2142J Europe/Asia. Peak current surge: 144,000A US, 84,000A Europe/Asia. Maximum voltage surge: 6kV. Clamp level: 330V US, 800V Europe/Asia. Telco protection: 320J, 395V. Coax insertion loss: <1dB. DC trigger configuration: tip positive. DC trigger voltage: 5–15V DC. Dimensions: 17" (435mm) W by 4" (100mm) H by 16.5" (425mm) D.
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