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Voltage Stabilizer/Surge Protection

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  • Monster HTPS7000  NEW!

    Monster HTPS7000 NEW!

    Monster HTPS7000 NEW! This in new in the packing. This was meant to go into an installation but never did. the original shipping carton is missing. Power conditioner and isolation transformer in one. Learn More

  • Equitech Model 1.5Q Balanced Power System

    Equitech Model 1.5Q Balanced Power System

    Equitech Model 1.5Q Balanced Power System Silver Few light marks on top only seen upon close inspection "If you haven’t heard your sound system with a Model Q powering it, you are missing something truly great. You might just find yourself replaying all of your old music again and again as if hearing it for the first time with a new appreciation for detail, clarity and remarkable bass definition that you have never experienced before. Many of our customers have told us that their Model Q was the one component above all others in their system that accounted for the biggest difference in sonic quality. Source components and amplifiers benefit equally from their use. " Model 1.5Q - 1.5RQ Learn More

  • Audio Alchemy Power Station Three 3

    Audio Alchemy Power Station Three 3

    Audio Alchemy Power Station Three 3 Learn More

  • PS Audio Power Plant Premier Regenerator in silver

    PS Audio Power Plant Premier Regenerator in silver

    The Power Plant Premier takes “dirty” and variable AC power from the wall socket, converts it to DC voltage, and then regenerates a new AC sine wave signal at 120 volts. It also serves as a surge protector and all-around power distribution system 3 available in silver as of 9/21 Learn More

  • PS Audio Power Soloist CI duplex cryogenically treated outlet NEW

    PS Audio Power Soloist CI duplex cryogenically treated outlet NEW

    PS Audio Power Soloist CI duplex cryogenically treated outlet NEW 1600watt maximum Learn More

  • Transparent Powerisolator 8

    Transparent Powerisolator 8

    The Transparent PowerIsolator 8 is a reference-level power-conditioning device that provides eight hospital-grade outlets for your precious AV gear. It is available only in a black-brushed finish. 6 month warranty 10% restock fee if if returned. Purchaser to pay all shipping charges regardless. One week to return upon arrival . Learn More

  • PS Audio IPC-8500

    PS Audio IPC-8500

    PS Audio IPC-8500 in 4/19 PS Audio PowerPlay 8500 Power Conditioner Stellar Power Conditioner Provides Audiophile Protection and Excellent Sonic Performance: PS Audio PowerPlay 8500 Even Connects to the Internet, Giving You Control from Anywhere An incredibly effective power conditioner that connects to the Internet to give you control from literally anywhere in the world, PS Audio's PowerPlay 8500 features 10 individual AC outlets fed from five independently isolated cleaning zones for A-level performance. Think of PowerPlay 8500 as having five separate audiophile-caliber outlets in a single component; each zone lowers noise by an astonishing 80dB, letting you hear more music, more clarity, more detail, and more dynamics. For additional protection, PowerPlay 8500 features more than 7000 Joules of spike protection as well as complete automated protection of over/under voltage caused by surges. PowerPlay 8500 instantly helps make any high-end or home-theater sound its best and preserves the lifespan of your gear. Priced to move for well over half-off its original cost, this truly unique system of power management and control belongs in your system. Your music and components will be better for it. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed. Hassle-Free Setup, Peace-of-Mind Equipment Monitoring Setting up PowerPlay 8500 is a breeze. Just plug it into your network connection and you're done. It's effortless plug and play through PS Audio's Customer Cloud. Once your power your system with PowerPlay 8500, all you need to do is access the Web through your phone or any web-enabled device. Via PowerPlay's control panel, any connected equipment can be rebooted, turned on or off, or have its status checked. It's that simple. PowerPlay 8500 is controlled through dedicated pages on the PS Audio Web site. Get Immediate Notification About Any Power Issues PowerPlay 8500 also monitors power-line quality and reports any problems to you through the Web, text, or email. You choose the delivery notification. PowerPlay 8500's real-time and online measurement system includes surges, voltage levels, power usage, and power quality as measured by THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) on the line. PowerPlay 8500 even allows you to schedule system vacations or down time so you're not burning excess power. When you're ready, PowerPlay 8500 turns everything back on in zone-by-zone fashion. Plus, monitored your data is stored on PS Audio servers and is available at anytime. You can look at power quality over time or focus on specific times of day to find out about any problems. Say Goodbye to Internet Down Time
 How many times has your home's modem or router locked up and denied you Internet access? To fix the problem, you had to pull the power connector out of the modem and reboot the device. With PowerPlay 8500, this is a thing of the past. PowerPlay allows you to set any zone as an auto-reboot zone. Should the Internet be disconnected, PowerPlay automatically reboots your modem, router, or any device plugged into the auto-reboot zone. In most cases, you'll never experience Internet down time again. Learn More

  • Bybee Technologies Power Purifier Pro Model

  • Transparent Power Bank P-8 power conditioner

    Transparent Power Bank P-8 power conditioner

    Transparent Power Bank P-8 power conditioner The PowerBank 8 is one of the finest line conditioning power strips available. It also features the additional security of surge protection without any of the performance drawbacks normally associated with surge protectors.Your new PowerBank 8 has 8 hospital grade grounded outlets.The 4 green dots on the bottom of each duplex indicate that all 8 outlets are hospital grade.You can select 2 levels of AC line noise filtering on the faceplate of the PowerBank.Transparent PowerLink power cords provide additional filtering and isolation when used with the PowerBank 8.Transparent power products effectively isolate components, remove line noise and modulation distortion, and suppress spikes and surges without the use of transformers, chokes or other series filtering devices which limit current capability and add distortions.These unique products are the most transparent way to clean up the power going into your high end audio and video components for cleaner sound and picture coming out. Learn More

  • Furman Elite-DMi

    Furman Elite-DMi

    Furman Elite-DMi\ excellent condition Learn More

  • PS Audio PowerPlay IPC-9000

    PS Audio PowerPlay IPC-9000

    PS Audio PowerPlay IPC-9000 PS AUDIO POWERPLAY IPC9000 AUDIOPHILE POWER CONDITIONER LIKE NEW CONDITION This PS AUDIO POWERPLAY IPC9000 is LIKE NEW. It’s only been slightly used. This PowerPlay will include its original carton with all packing, manual, a variety of cables (as seen in photo), rackmount ears and AC power cord. The PowerPlay originally sold for $1995. The revolutionary PowerPlay IPC9000 is a sophisticated globally accessible AC power conditioner. It’s a 10 outlet device that cleans, protects and connects to the outside world simply, easily and with zero setup. Features: • Advanced Control: Ethernet and RS-232 ports provide two way communication to the PowerPlay. These ports enable unparalleled control, monitoring, and management of connected devices. • Simple Control: Infrared, 12 volt trigger and Phone communications port provide several additional methods controlling the PowerPlay and connected devices. • Intelligent UPS Control: The UPS communication port enables PS Audio’s revolutionary Intelligent UPS Management control and configuration. Additionally information is also provided via the front panel of PowerPlay and the PS Audio Global Net site when a PowerPack UPS is connected. • Power Monitoring: The PowerPlay monitors and reports detailed power conditions whenever the unit is connected to PS Audio Global Net. • Noise Reduction: The PowerPlay contains powerful noise filtration, yet continues to deliver unimpeded current to your components for optimal performance. • Surge Protection: Sophisticated surge and spike protection is contained in the PowerPlay. The protection circuitry is designed to protect your gear from voltage irregularities. Should the protection circuitry become compromised the PowerPlay will no longer supply power to any of the connected components. • IsoZones: The PowerPlay IPC-9000 features 5 IsoZonesTM, while the IPC-8000 features 3. Each IsoZoneTM employs differential mode filtering to isolate connected equipment from noise which is generated by other components. It is recommended that components be isolated by device type. Original box Learn More

  • Nakamichi SPC-1 system power control

  • Monster HTS 5000

  • Tiffany TLC-150 power conditioner

  • Rotel RLC-1080

    Rotel RLC-1080

    Rotel RLC-1080 some scratches, detachable faceplate pecifications: ● Input-Voltage: 90 V - 144 V ● Output Voltage: 120 V ● Input Frequency: 47 Hz - 63 Hz ● Power Output: 900 Watts ● 12 Outlets ● Battery Backup for About 20 Minutes of Power ● Dimensions: 5.25" H x 17" W x 10.1" D ● Weight: 57 Pounds ● MSRP: $1,699 USA Learn More




  • Silver Circle Audio Pure Power 5.0

    Silver Circle Audio Pure Power 5.0

    Silver Circle Audio Pure Power 5.0 Specifications 5.0 kVa Proprietary 65+ pound isolation transformer. Massive black anodized aluminum chassis. Furutech Gold-Plated IEC inlet. 10 AWG silver-plated copper power path wiring. Proprietary hand-built EMI/RF filter. Custom hand-built “soft-start circuit with 30-amp rated relay. 50-amp rated terminal block. Comes standard with Vesuvius Power Cord (an $800 retail value). 5.0 – 4 Furutech Gold 20-amp receptacles. 5.0se – 1 Furutech Gold 20-amp receptacle – monoblock friendly. All contacts treated Caig DeoxIT Gold for superior electrical transmission. Extensive internal vibration dampening. Pure Power One 5.0 Retail: $5000 Learn More

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