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Infinity RS1B

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Legendary. original rs1b, excellent condition, Must be crated for shipping.
We have updated the electrolytic capacitors in the crossover.

The system comes in five sections: two woofer columns, two upper-range columns, and an active crossover and servo control module. Each bass column contains six 8" polypropylene-cone woofers. Each upper-range column contains seven of Infinity's proprietary EMIM ribbon midrange drivers and four EMIT ribbon tweeters (one of them aiming out the rear, of all things!). System crossovers are at 125Hz (nominal), 750Hz, 3kHz, and 8kHz, and the number of operating drivers diminishes as the frequency goes up, to minimize vertical treble beaming due to phase interference (eg, above 8kHz only

The RS-1B must be biamplified using its own specific crossover/servo module. This has front panel adjustments for woofer crossover frequency, woofer level, bass contour (rising, flat or rolling off with diminishing frequency), LF range (cutoffs at 22, 30, or 36Hz), and amplifier input impedance. The crossover has amplifying circuitry only in the LF section; the signal fed to the upper-frequency amplifiers is passive (unamplified), so there is virtually no possibility of adding nonlinear distortion components to the signal (footnote 1). Because of this, the turnover frequency of the high-pass section varies according to the input impedance of the HF amplifier. (With a given capacitor in series, the crossover point will rise as amplifier input impedance diminishes. When the front panel impedance switch is set to match that of the higher-frequency amplifier (footnote 2), crossovers will occur at frequencies specified in the instruction manual.)

There are also driver level adjustments on the upper-range speaker towers, for "Low Tweeter" (2–5kHz) and "High Tweeter" (8kHz up). It would seem you should be able to get just about any kind of sound from the RS-1Bs you wish, and that proves to be almost the case.

The servo function requires an unusual woofer hookup. The woofer columns do not connect directly to their LF driving amplifier, but instead to five-way binding posts on the crossover module. The module, in turn, connects to the LF driving amp. This arrangement allows the device to compare LF amplifier output signals with signals appearing across the speaker terminals, and to cancel out any detected differences (which would represent back-EMF from spurious woofer-cone motions).

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    legendary reference system, four towers and crossover, Must be crated for shipping
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