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T+A CD1230R

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SKU: CD1230R
CD Player

Like almost all T+A’s products, the
understated appearance of the CD1230R CD
player belies its exceptional performance
and the unique circuitry hidden inside.
Significantly, T+A programs its own DSP
processors: it doesn’t use ‘off-the-shelf’
hardware processors as do most CD player
manufacturers. This also allows T+A to
provide users with a choice of several
different digital filter types. The CD1230R
lets you choose between five different
filters, so you can optimise its analogue
output to suit the music you play and your
listening preferences as well as to ensure the
best match with the other components in
your system.

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Product Description


    Specifications Mechanism Professional, close-tolerance linear disc mechanism with triple-beam LDGU optics, 780 mm semi-conductor laser, 2 mW power Wow and flutter Quartz-controlled, not measurable Mechanical construction Rigid all-metal case, shielded sub-assemblies, vibration de-coupled Digital filters Freely programmable signal processor with four different filter types, 8-times oversampling and 56-bit resolution, FIR short, FIR lang, IIR Bezier, Bezier IIR filters D/A converter type Double differential mode. Two 1-bit Sigma-Delta converters with 256-times oversampling Analogue filter Phase-linear Bessel filter 3rd order with 60 kHz limit frequency Frequency response 2 Hz – 20 kHz Distortion / intermodulation < 0,002 % T+A - Produktarchiv CD 1230 R Effective system dynamics 97 dB Signal: noise ratio (A-weighted) 109 dB Signal: noise ratio (unweighted) 106 dB Channel separation 1 kHz / 10 kHz 106 / 100 dB Digital output Data format SP-DIF 1 x Opto = 660 nm / -18 dBm Analogue output nominal 2,6 V eff, 22 Ohm Dimensions 7,5 x 44 x 39 cm Connection elements Analog Out The analogue output of the CD player supplies a fixed-level output signal. It is designed for connection to a pre-amplifier, integrated amplifier or receiver with its own volume control Digital Out Optical digital output for connection to an external digital/analogue converter. Optional co-axial digital output. RC IN RC input socket for connection to an "R"-series pre-amplifier, integrated amplifier or receiver. CD 1230 R R-Link Interface for future system expansions
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