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EAD Theatervision P Zoom

EAD Theatervision P

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EAD Theatervision P

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    EAD Theatervision P, remote and manual Retai $3200 great for cd playback on a budget My system included a Elite DV-37 wich was to be replaced by the EAD. The EAD looks great stacked with teh PowerMaster And TheaterMaster but the real treat is the picture. The picture that comes out of the EAD is really detailed and has no blooming on the reds. This produces a realy sharp picture with that 3-D look. I had the DV-37 hooked up to my monitor via the pro component outs and throught a DVDO line doubler. The picture from the Pionner was excellent but not a deep as the opne from the iscan. Also the units ability to handel complex patterns with mulitple colors was not as impressive as I would have hoped. The IScan sometimes ettered it. Like on the "Cosby Sweater" worn in High Fidelity. The EAD improved on this picture even further. Rendering a much deeper picture one that really had that looking out the window effect. The Pioneer has a ton of adjustments wich are not full explained in the lit. I found the best results came from selecting progressive, Professional, and then adjusting the black level to 0 ire. This gave the most film like apperance with depth to the picture. The picture from this unit is just slightly soft but it does mask any doubling artifacts. The EAD is much simpler. Set the black level to Darker and make sure you have the switch set to the right output. (Component or RGB) The EAD also allows for the grey bars that the iScan V2 touts as a feature. With the flip of a switch the EAD will output 4:3 material in a 16:9 frame with grey bars and no distortion. This switch is inconvienant as it is on the back pannel. I detected no loss in picture quality when the unit was in this mode. The unit has VGA out or slectable RGB or component. This allows for a wider range of connection options.
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