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  • Mcintosh MVP891 blueray player

    Mcintosh MVP891 blueray player

    Mcintosh MVP891 blueray player with remote, excellent conditioone owner piece Learn More

  • Oppo BDP-103 sold

    Oppo BDP-103 sold

    Oppo BPD-103 with remote and manual, excellent Learn More

  • Pioneer Elite BDP-09 Blueray

    Pioneer Elite BDP-09 Blueray

    Pioneer Elite BDP-09 Blueray HDMI® 1.3a Output Dolby®TrueHD and DTS-HD®Bit-stream Out 48-Bit Deep Color Support X.V.-Color AVC-HD 1080p True 24FPS Video Output (BD/DVD) Original Pioneer Developed 16-Bit Video Processing LSI 15 Different Video Adjustments 3 Different Noise Reduction Circuits Internal Audio Decoders Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus DTS-HD Master Audio via Firmware Update DTS-HD High Resolution Audio via Firmware Update 7.1 Channel Analog Audio Outputs BD-Live™ Ready* with 4GB of Internal Memory Coaxial Frequency Response Improvement PQLS Jitter Free Audio Transmission *Some initial production BDP-09FD players may require a firmware update. Convenience Features Advanced Bit Rate Meters Advanced Playback and Search Modes Dual HDMI® Outputs Locking Component Video Connectors RS-232C Control for Custom Installation Audio Features Dedicated Analog Audio Power Supply A dedicated power supply for the analog audio board ensures top quality sound by eliminating unwanted interference caused by a shared power supply. Custom made capacitors were used to deliver superior performance not possible with off the shelf components. Toroidal Transformer providing limited stray magnetic fields and high electrical efficiencies. This results in superior audio reproduction due to lower amounts of electrical noise. 8 Wolfson Audio DACS running in Dual mode providing superior signal-to-noise ratio (120db) and uncompromised transparency with the source. Audiophile Construction Body Construction Aluminum›Panel (Front/Top/Side) Steel Cross Bar Supports Double Layer Top Panel Solid Steel Bottom Plate Low Center Load Drive TAOC Insulator Feet Three Chamber Construction Internal Construction Separate Analog Audio BoardSeparate Analog Power Supply Separate Digital Power Supply Toroidal Transformer Separate Video Board Pioneer Developed Parts Terminals HDMI 1.3a Output (x2 Main and Sub) Component Video Output* Composite Video Output* S-Video Output* 7.1-Channel Audio Output* 2-Channel Audio Output Coaxial Digital Output Optical Digital Output Control In RS-232C Control *Gold Plated Specifications Power Requirements: 120V/60Hz Product Weight: 30.42 lbs. Product Dimensions W x H x D: 16.54” x 5.63” x 14.17” Learn More

  • Oppo BDP-105 sold

    Oppo BDP-105 sold

    Oppo BDP-105 , excellent box/packing Learn More

  • Denon DVD-3800 BDCI

    Denon DVD-3800 BDCI

    Denon DVD-3800 BDCI The DVD-3800BDCI ($1,999) is the most expensive single-disc Blu-ray player to date. It is also Denon’s first flagship design. With the DVD-3800BDCI, Denon built on its previous Blu-ray transport, the DVD-2500BTCI (reviewed in Home Theater’s June issue). The DVD-3800BDCI adds full onboard decoding for the advanced audio codecs and a Silicon Optix Realta HQV video-processing suite. It’s also Bonus View (PiP) compliant, but it does not meet the hardware requirements to support BD-Live interactivity. Given the price point, I’m surprised that Denon didn’t offer an upgrade path to BD-Live. With BD-Live support available from the PlayStation 3 and several other standalone players, this may be an issue for consumers who want to take full advantage of the format’s interactive capabilities. The DVD-3800BDCI is certainly one of the largest Blu-ray players out there. It shares its sexy lines and robust fit and finish with the DVD-2500BTCI transport. While the transport offers only a single HDMI output, the new player features a full complement of high-quality analog outputs for both video and audio. It also includes a 7.1-channel analog audio output. The connections on the Denon’s back panel offer the best quality I’ve seen in a Blu-ray player. All of the analog jacks are exceptionally sturdy. Denon did not use the standard stamped lot you’ll find on bargain players. The component video outputs even offer a choice of standard RCA terminals or high-quality BNC connections. On the digital side, you can choose from HDMI, TosLink, and a digital coaxial output. Of course, the HDMI output is the only digital connection that takes advantage of next-gen lossless audio (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio) at full resolution. The front panel’s elegant curved façade matches the look of Denon’s recent high-end AVR line. There is an SD Card input on the front panel that serves a dual purpose. It enables an increase in onboard memory for the Blu-ray Bonus View PiP interactivity, and you can also use it for music and photo playback. Denon also included a button that selects the output resolution or engages the advanced noise reduction of its HQV video-processing suite. Learn More

  • Oppo BPD-83

  • Pioneer BDP-51FD

    Pioneer BDP-51FD

    Pioneer BonusView Blu-ray Disc Player Learn More

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