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  • Goldmund Mimesis 9

    Goldmund Mimesis 9

    Goldmund Mimesis 9 invery nice condition, shipping dimensions: 25x25x16 180 lbs low fedex rates, send your postal code. Learn More

  • Classe CA-300

    Classe CA-300

    Classe CA-300 Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz +/- 0.1 dB Sensitivity: 1.65 Volts in for rated output Input Impedance: 75 Kohms Output Impedance: 0.015 Ohm Gain: 29.02 db S/N Ratio: 135 kBR THD+N: 0.007% Rated Output: Stereo Mono 8 Ohms: 300 1100 Watts 4 Ohms: 600 1700 Watts Dimensions: Gross: 25" x 24 1/4" x 12 3/4" Net: 19" x 21" x 8 1/2" Weight: Gross: 100 lbs. Net: 85 lbs. Learn More

  • Dynaco Stereo 120 (3) and PAT 4 preamp

    Dynaco Stereo 120 (3) and PAT 4 preamp

    You can purchase each item individually. We have one 120 that we just replaced the coupling caps and resoldered the board as needed. That's $250 Inquire Learn More

  • Quad 606 amplifier

    Quad 606 amplifier

    The Quad 606 Power Amplifier is another classic amplifier design from Quad utilising their patented current dumping technology. Essentially a current dumping circuit like the Quad 606 Power Amplifier consists of a very high quality low power class A amplifier feeding a high power low quality amplifier which is used when required. The Quad 606 Power Amplifier was originally launched in 1987 and essentially was a new improved version of Quad's 405 amplifier with extra oomph and a whopping 140 watts per channel into 8 ohms whose sonic improvement compared to original Quad 405-2 was significant. The Quad 606 Power Amplifier was also very popular with professional audio people as well as audiophiles possibly because of the sheer power of this amplifier coupled with Quad's reputation for producing solid well built amplifiers. The Quad 606 Power Amplifier was discontinued in 1997 to make way for the Quad 707 power amplifier which was another current dumping design that improved slightly on the Quad 606 and was one of Hi-Fi World's recommended amplifiers at that time. Learn More

  • Rotel RB-1091

    Rotel RB-1091

    500 watt top of line Only one available.... manual http://www.rotel.com/content/reviews/class%20d%20amplifiers/rb1091-hifinews-ma As new in the original boxes The absolute sound review: http://www.avguide.com/review/rotel-rb-1091-monoblock-amplifier This incredible new Class D amplifier from Rotel is based upon the same ICEpower® technology as utilized in the RMB-1077. The principal difference between the two being that RB-1091 produces a prodigious 500 watts mono into 8 ohms from a 3 5/8" high chassis. Rotel’s new Class D amplifiers are incredibly powerful and stable and will provide increasing amounts of voltage and current down to 4 ohm loads. Manufacturer: Rotel Part Number: RB1091 Specification: Power Configurations (FTC): 1x500 Watts Total Harmonic Distortion (20Hz-20KHz, 8 Ohms): < 0.03% Output Peak Current: 40A Damping Factor (8 Ohms): 400 Frequency Response: 10-40 KHz (±3dB) Signal to Noise Ratio (IHF A): 118 db Learn More

  •  Varian Techron 7700 1000 watt (same as Crown Macrotech 10000) $12000 retail  per channel

    Varian Techron 7700 1000 watt (same as Crown Macrotech 10000) $12000 retail per channel

    Wickedly powerful: 5000 watts/1ohm! , these are the same as the crown macrotech 10000.. These can drive 1/2 ohm loads! 2 available, 130lbs ea Crown Techron 7700 series 1000 watt/8ohm mono amplifiers, 5000 watt into 1 ohm, 37.8 amps/2ohms The upgraded version of this model is $20000 each. user/service manual: http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/transparent_referencexl.htm crown version literature: http://www.crownaudio.com/pdf/legacy/k10684.pdf Learn More

  • Nakamichi PA7

    Nakamichi PA7

    Nelson Pass designed, classic top of the line unit Completely recapped except 4 main big filters. (they are in great condition and rarely need recapping) Learn More

  • Bryston 6b

    Bryston 6b

    Bryston 6b just in, good condition. three available price is for each Learn More

  • Spectral DMA 180

    Spectral DMA 180

    see link: http://www.spectralaudio.com/dma-180spec.htm 200 watt/channel Learn More

  • Krell Trigger Converter 12pin in to 5 pin out

    Krell Trigger Converter 12pin in to 5 pin out

    Krell Trigger Converter 12pin in to 5 pin out Learn More

  • Krell KSA150 recapped

    Krell KSA150 recapped

    Krell KSA150 classic Krell amplifier, Great amp to get into high end audio with. 90 days parts and labor warranty Learn More

  • Bryston 3bTHX

    Bryston 3bTHX

    with 12volt on off trigge Learn More

  • Kenwood LO7 monoblocks

  • AnthemMCA2MKII


    I can convert voltage if needed.. 200 watts/channel high end sound owners manual: http://archive.anthemav.com/oldsitev1/pdf/mcalit.pdf Learn More

  • Hovland Radia

    Hovland Radia

    Hovland Radia, original factory packing Description: Solid-state stereo power amplifier: Power output: 125Wpc into 8 ohms (21dBW), 200Wpc into 4 ohms (20dBW). Input impedance: 50k ohms, unbalanced. Voltage gain: 26dB, noninverting, into 8 or 4 ohms. Frequency response: 5Hz-20kHz, +0/-0.25dB. THD at 1kHz, both channels driven: <0.1% at 8W, <0.15% at 4W. S/N Ratio: 92dB ref. 125W into 8 ohms, A-weighted. Dimensions: 18.25" (464mm) W by 7.20" (183mm) H (including feet) by 16.65" (423mm) D. Weight: 73 lbs (33.2kg). Finish: Brushed aluminum and internally illuminated acrylic. Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/content/hovland-radia-power-amplifier-specifications#ZyoGuEPtve5KKthF.99 Learn More

  • Adcom GFA5500

    Adcom GFA5500

    Adcom GFA5500, very good cosmetics. bench tested Learn More

  • Krell Evolution 1 reference monos  $27000/pr  SOLD

    Krell Evolution 1 reference monos $27000/pr SOLD

    KRELL EVO 1 Dan's last reference amplifiers at Krell. Four chassis, in excellent condition, factory sealed after refurb SOLD $27000/pair Learn More

  • Cello Trio 3 channel amplifier

    Cello Trio 3 channel amplifier

    Cello Trio 3 channel amplifier 200 watts / channel x 3 channels, rare Learn More

  • Hafler DH220

    Hafler DH220

    Hafler DH220, two available. Learn More

  • Mcintosh 2205 new restoration from original owner.

    Mcintosh 2205 new restoration from original owner.

    Mcintosh 2205 just recapped We are currently restoring two examples of the 2205 and a single 2015 amplifier right now. New caps, lubrication, bulbs,etc. Original owner on all. Learn More

  • ASR Emitter II Exclusive 4 chassis integrated amplifier

    ASR Emitter II Exclusive 4 chassis integrated amplifier

    ASR Emitter ii Exclusive with gold heatsink option original four boxes with packing, just recapped and ready to go (not the 56 filter caps, no need to change those) six month warranty THIS SOUNDS SPECTACULAR! Learn More

  • Cello Duet 350 stereo

    Cello Duet 350 stereo

    Cello Duet 350 stereo, bench tested Owner's manual: http://www.matthew-james.net/Customer-Content/WWW/CMS/files/Duet-350-Owners.pdf Learn More

  • Rotel RB-1050

    Rotel RB-1050

    Rotel RB-1050 Ideal for demanding custom installations, the ultrastable RB-1050 combines audiophile sound quality and “bullet-proof” circuitry. A multi-mode amplifier, the RB-1050 develops 70 watts per channel for stereo reproduction. Individual sensitivity adjustments and “auto on” signal sensing circuitry allows use with a variety of distribution devices or processors. Buffered line level outputs allow multiple amplifiers to “daisy chain” from a single source. The toroid-based power supply and high damping factor ensure precise control of virtually all speakers. 12 volt “trigger” jacks and a detachable AC cord make this amplifier ideal for remote operated distributed audio systems. A front panel LED array shows clipping and protection modes for quick system analysis. Power Configurations: 2 x 70 watts Watts/Channel: all channels driven, unbridged, 8 ohm load, 20 to 20k Hz, 0.06% THD 70 watts THD (20-20,000Hz): cont. rated power one-half rated power one watt per channel 0.03%, maximum 0.03%, maximum 0.03%, maximum IM Distortion (at rated ower, 60Hz:7kHz = 4:1): 0.03%, maximum Damping Factor (8 ohms): 500 Input Sens. / Impedance: 1.0V / 33 kohms Frequency Response: 10-100kHz (±1dB) S/N Ratio (IHF A): 116dB Power Consumption: 250 watts Dimensions (W x H x D): 433 x 92 x 334mm 17 1/8 x 3 5/8 x 13 1/8" Front Panel Height: 80 mm, 3.1" Learn More

  • Krell Altair

    Krell Altair

    Krell Altair Reference $5500 low profile amplifier with separate power supply from the 1990's. Original boxes Designed as a reference amplifier for apartment sized systems. Power suppy caps just recapped. Learn More

  • Krell S275

    Krell S275

    Krell S275 retail price is $5500 US, we can ship this in any voltage. These have never been sold to a consumer. 4 available price is for each black unit Learn More

  • Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 5 (last version)

    Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 5 (last version)

    A classic, musical, large, best example of a Jeff Rowland Design Model 5 stereo amplifier Learn More

  • Emotiva XPA-100

    Emotiva XPA-100

    Emotiva XPA-100 used original box Audiophile monoblock (one channel) amplifier; 400 watts @ 4 Ohms; 250 watts @ 8 Ohms Fully discrete signal path, with class A/B output stage and massive power reserves Balanced and unbalanced inputs; dual full-sized speaker outputs to facilitate bi-wiring Microprocessor operating system with full fault protection and status indicators Low profile 2RU chassis lets you fit five XPA-100s in a single rack. Learn More

  • Mark Levinson 331 sold

    Mark Levinson 331 sold

    Levinson 331, good condition. sold Learn More

  • Mark Levinson No 53 current top of the line, $50000 retail

    Mark Levinson No 53 current top of the line, $50000 retail

    Mark Levinson No 53 pair of mono amplifiers, as new condition Communication and Control Two Link2 ports (one input and one output); One Ethernet port; One 3.5mm mono (tip/sleeve) mini plug trigger input, 3-12Vdc; One 3.5mm mono (tip/sleeve) mini plug trigger output, 3-12Vdc; 3-Pin IEC standard power connector Frequency Response Within ±0.1dB from 10Hz to 20kHz Inputs One balanced XLR input; One unbalanced RCA input Input Impedance 100 kΩ (balanced); 50 kΩ (unbalanced) Rated Output Power into 4 ohms 1000W Rated Output Power into 8 ohms 500W Gain 26.8dB Power Requirements 100V~, 120V~, 230V~, 640W, factory-set for destination country Speaker Connections Two pairs of "Hurricane" loudspeaker output binding posts with banana-plug sockets (banana-plug socket not available for some models) Height 20.87 in (530mm) Width 8.42 in (214mm) Depth 20.4 in (518mm) Weight Net weight: 135 lb (61.3kg); Shipping weight: 165 lb (75kg) Learn More

  • Meitner STR55

    Meitner STR55

    Meitner STR55 , audio bargain, reviewer owned, original box/packing Learn More

  • Mark Levinson 33 set of monoblock amplifiers

    Mark Levinson 33 set of monoblock amplifiers

    King of the HIll! 360lbs ea, one owner 440lbs each amplifier in the crate. These were top of the line for Mark Levinson and will drive any speaker. These are one owner 120V units and have the original factory crates. One set is in excellent condition. http://www.marklevinson.com/downloads/products/prod_186_634722476892713969_no33_om.pdf The Nº33 Reference Mono Power Amplifier uniquely combines extraordinary power delivery with effortless control and unparalleled refinement. Rated at 2,400W continuous into 1-ohm loads, it is the most powerful high-end amplifier in the world. The Nº33 incorporates two 2.45 kVA low noise toroidal transformers in a fully balanced power supply. In this design, there is a separate power supply (each with its own power transformer) for both the inverting and non-inverting halves of the amplifier. Twelve 39,000 μF low ESR capacitors are used in each amplifier. The power supply of each Nº33 provides almost 1⁄2 a Farad of capacitance and 1200 Joules of energy storage. Heavy oxygen-free copper bus bars enhance the efficiency of power distribution within the amplifier and eliminate variances introduced by the wiring harnesses, etc. more commonly found even in high performance amplifiers. High frequency power supply bypass is accomplished on individual PC boards by a total of 56 components of several film types. The resulting uniformly low power supply impedance seen by the various circuits within the Nº33 lays the foundation for both the massive power and the extraordinary finesse that characterizes this amplifier Learn More

  • Audio Research D52B

    Audio Research D52B

    solid state amplifier, unused in over 20 years, very nice condition, tech checked 11/16 50 watts per channel minimum RMS (both channels operating) at 8 ohms from 1 Hz to 20 kHz with less than .25% total harmonic distortion. Typically less than .02% at rated power in midband. Approximate actual power available per channel at "clipping" (both ch. op.): 80 (4 ohms), 60 (8 ohms), 35 (16 ohms) Power bandwidth Frequency response 0.05 Hz to 100 Khz (-3 db) Input sensitivity 1.1 Volts RMS for rated power and load. Input impedance 30 Kohms (nominal). Output taps Output regulation Overall negative feedback Damping factor More than 500 at rated power and load (20 Hz to 20 kHz). (Effective internal impedance approximately .012 ohms.) Distortion Intermodulation distortion: Less than .1% at rated output (56.56 V p to p) and load (SMPTE method). THD and IMD both decrease with decreasing output. Slew rate Rise time Hum & noise Wide-band, unweighted, more than 90 dB below 50 watts at 8 ohms - power line components (hum) more than 80 dB below 50 watts at 8 ohms. Power supply energy storage Power requirements 105-120/210-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 600 watts maximum. 120 watts at idle. 300 watts at rated power. Other Dimensions 19" (48 cm) W x 5 ¼" (13 cm) H (standard rack mount panel size) x 10 ½ (26.7 cm) D (front panel back). Handles extend 1 ½" (3.8 cm) forward of the front panel. Weight 39 lbs. (17.7 kg) Net, 45 lbs. (20.5 kg) Shipping Learn More

  • Krell FPB 200c

    Krell FPB 200c

    Krell FPB200C, excellent mechanical condition, very nice cosmetics Owner's manual: http://krellonline.com/assets/support/FPB_SERIES_CAST_MANUAL_V000.pdf Learn More

  • Cello Performance Four Chassis Mono Amplifiers

    Cello Performance Four Chassis Mono Amplifiers

    Still one of the better amps out there. Four chassis. We have replaced all the large capacitors with new Chemicons and some of the signal caps also. Product Specifications: Class of operation: Class AB1 Power Output (single amp): @8 Ohms Rated: 200 Watts Clipping: @1000 Hz >350 Watts @4 Ohms Rated: 400 Watts Clipping: @1000 Hz >700 Watts @2 Ohms Rated: 800 Watts Clipping: @1000 Hz >1000 Watts @1 Ohm Rated: 1000 Watts Clipping: @1000 Hz >1300 Watts Power Output (bridged set): @8 Ohms Rated: 800 Watts Clipping: @1000 Hz >1400 Watts @4 Ohms Rated: 1600 Watts Clipping: @1000 Hz >2800 Watts @2 Ohms Rated: 3200 Watts Clipping: @1000 Hz >4000 Watts IMD (SMPTE): 0.13% (60 Hz / 40V Output) IMD (CCIF): <0.2% THD (20 - 20000Hz): <0.1% (8 & 4 Ohms / 40 Volt Output) Frequency Response: +0 / -0.8 dB @ 20 - 20000 Hz Dynamic Headroom: 2.7 dB Channel Separation: Infinite Signal to Noise: < -105 dB (1000 Hz / 40 Volt Output) Input Sensitivity: 1.485 V (8 Ohms / 200 Watts / 40 Volt Output) Input Impedance: 1 mOhm (Non-Inverting) 5000 Ohms (Inverting) Learn More

  • Tandberg 3006 amplifier

    Tandberg 3006 amplifier

    Tandberg 3006 amplifier bench tested, works great, excellent condtion with side panels Learn More

  • Bryston 4b

    Bryston 4b

    In fair condition.. some scratches Learn More

  • Adcom GFA-555

    Adcom GFA-555

    Adcom GFA-555 just upgraded Learn More

  • Classe CA-400

    Classe CA-400

    Classe CA-400 available to ship 6/2017 Owner's manual: file:///C:/Users/Steve/Downloads/CA-400-OM.pdf Learn More

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