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  • Meridian 421 HD MAX switcher

    Meridian 421 HD MAX switcher

    good cosmetics The 421 Switch can be controlled in several ways. For direct use, a front-panel button allows the users to step through the inputs. LEDs indicate which input is selected. For serial control, a 9600 baud serial port is provided, allowing interfacing via RS232 command. In addition, sources may be assigned to different inputs, eg Cable = input 1, etc. This allows the unit to be controlled via Meridian Comms (DIN or BNC) so as to select the correct input automatically when a source is selected in a Meridian system. A G12 infrared sensor may be connected via a Comms port for infrared remote control capabilities. In this case the sources on the remote are assigned to the following default inputs: Input MSR MSR+ 4 CD CD 4 Radio Radio 3 LP Aux 3 TV TV 1 Tape1 Tape 2 Tape2 Sat 3 CDR Disc 3 Cable Cable 4 DVD DVD 2 VCR1 VCR1 1 VCR2 VCR2 1 LD Game Input assignment can also be carried out in the Meridian configuration application. Switcher Input 4 automatically senses the presence of a Meridian DVD-Audio/Video player, making a range of additional options available in the player’s on-screen display allowing video sources to be assigned to the other Switcher inputs. (Player firmware revision 1.93 or later required.) The 421 front panel button is automatically locked out when controlled by a player, to avoid inadvertent operation. The 421 Switch includes indicators corresponding to each input to show which is currently selected. The selected input indicator comes on solidly when an HDMI input is valid, and flashes when invalid. The unit is powered by a separate universal voltage supply or any DC supply from 6 to 15V, at under 3W. The rubber feet may be removed to reveal holes for permanent installation – mounting plates and screws provided. Both the 121 Extender and 421 Switch pass both HDMI audio and video and are completely transparent to handshaking, control and data signals, with extremely high band Learn More

  • Aerial Acoustics System 1 speaker package

    Aerial Acoustics System 1 speaker package

    Aerial Acoustics System 1 speaker package including two subwoofer amplifiers AERIAL SYSTEM 1 Modern problems often require innovative solutions. For example, how does one recreate remarkable movie and music experiences at home without giving up precious living space to room-dominating loudspeakers? Let us introduce you to the Aerial SYSTEM 1. SYSTEM 1 is an exceptionally capable multi-channel speaker system that surrounds large format video screens to form an integrated unit only twelve inches deep and barely wider than the screen itself. An impressive assemblage of audio technologies, SYSTEM 1 employs twenty-five custom-designed drivers within its high-performance left, center, and right channel loudspeakers and twin high-output subwoofers. Legendary Aerial performance is discreetly integrated within a slender, unobtrusive unit. Its modular design allows SYSTEM 1 to accommodate video screens of different sizes, types and aspect ratios. Whether your screen has an HDTV 16×9 or CinemaScope 2.35:1 aspect ratio, is flat or curved, or incorporates variable masking, each SYSTEM 1 includes everything required to create an assembly seemingly tailor-made to your specifications. What’s more, unlike completely customized built-in systems, the adaptable SYSTEM 1 can be moved to a different space or re-sized for a different screen. A neutral aesthetic design allows the SYSTEM 1 to blend with any décor. Equally important, it does not compete for the eye’s attention to images on the screen. For all its practicality, the SYSTEM 1 provides a decidedly emotional experience. Its personality is lifelike and dynamically expressive, with a clear and natural midrange voice, airy extended upper frequencies, and powerful extended bass. Both music and film soundtracks are rendered in an inviting, engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable way. The Aerial SYSTEM 1. It’s that simple. All sort of options available including Stewart screen, Aerial rears and control system separately. Learn More

  • Faroudja VP-400 A Video Processor

    Faroudja VP-400 A Video Processor

    Faroudja VP-400 A Video Processor The Faroudja VP400 A Video Processor is a precision video instrument used to convert NTSC Composite, Y/C, or 525 line RGB or Component interlaced signals into 1050 line progressive outputs. Using the VP400A Video Processor will produce pictures with more details, remove unwanted picture artifacts and, when used with projection systems, produce pictures of exceptional quality, giving a “cinema-like” feeling. Front panel features include Power, Input Select (Video, Y/C, RGB and Component), Brightness, Contrast, Color, Auto-Tint, Noise Reduction, Detail, Digital Filter and Freeze. Input switch settings are memorized when the power is removed from the unit. This allows the VP400A to be interfaced into a system without the need to select the input when the system is powered up. The remaining controls may be left in factory preset or manually set by pulling out and rotating the control until the desired level is established. Inputs to the VP400A include: Composite Video, Y/C (S-VHS), RGB and Component (Y,R-Y,B-Y). The Video input may be connected by either a BNC connection or a video RCA type connection. These inputs are looped internally so that the signal may be used by other devices. A selectable 75 Ohm terminator switch is provided and should be in the ON position if the input loop is not used. The Y/C input uses a standard 4 pin S-VHS connector. This input is not available for a looped operation and is terminated internally. The RGB and Component inputs use BNC connectors. As with the video input, these inputs are loopable to other devices. Selectable 75 Ohm terminations are provided. Learn More

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